By Rafał Gromek,

Games with the balloons
volleyball for kids
Healthy and Sporty project

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Our films are also available on channel Zdrowo i Sportowo on YouTube at:(Playlist Zdrowo i Sportowo)

We look forward to videos with your performance!

As already mentioned in the previous section of films from action Healthy and Sporty, we want that the exercises shown by us would be also presented as examples of their performances in schools or kindergartens.

Today we invite you to a mini volleyball lesson, but aside from our regular sports models, Maya and Matilda, we will be accompanied by children from Baby City Preschool of Warsaw Sadyba.

In the film, you will find our idea how to make or build a net and play an exciting mini-volleyball match.

This exercise will not only develop a hand-eye coordination, a sense of distance and speed of flying balloon, but above all they are quite exhaustive and allow children to get tired. Remember to not allow groups or teams to be too numerous! All children usually go in the same direction: to get a flying balloon! 😉 There is no strength or way to do it different.

We remind and encourage you to create your own variants of exercises and using unconventional equipment.

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